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Atlantic City Photo

Atlantic City Photo

Yes, here I am enjoying my vacation time in AC. Besides being a nickel slot queen, and watching the ocean waves, I enjoy the boardwalk where I sit and watch all the interesting people walk by. And of course I imagine what's happening in their lives. And let me tell you, from observing some of these amazing people I really create some wild life stories.




 Fat Elvis and Me

As I write, Elvis decides whether he wants to delete a paragraph or add words, by leaping up on the keyboard. Can't convince him this is an one woman job. I guess he wants to share in the profits/royalties, to keep him in kitty kibble. At twenty-one pounds he can use kitty slim fast. 

Elvis can be a screamer and a spitter when he's protecting his family.

Romantic Sunsets

Living in the mountains offers me the gift of amazing, romantic sunsets. I enjoy capturing nature's beauty with my digital camera, whether it's animals or scenery. This sunset photo I managed to capture at a natural dam in the Poconos. 

Who's gawking at who?

This mother and her doe were captured on camera by me in my backyard. I was staring at them, admiring their beauty, though some people in my region call them, "mountain goats." Who's gawking at who, because they were here first, and probably wondering why this two legged creature is living alongside them?

Don't Forget The Children

It's very difficult still to get my children to pose together, w/o making funny faces, or the normal shoving and pushing. I didn't take this foto. So these are my beautiful children, and I don't know who the tired woman in sweats is. Hey, I was up all nite with Santa, forgive me.


Who says I like the cat?

Alright, another foto of me and Elvis. As soon as I get up, he leaps into my chair, and refuses to budge. After this foto I dumped him off the chair.LOL

Giant Fan Husband

This is an avid Giant and Mets fan I married. He likes to fish and watch sports, so I have to duct tape him to a chair in order to read my writing, because they're not written on the sports pages. Reluctantly, I captured this foto of him with his Giant's hat on, but the lake was such a brilliant blue, going along with his color scheme. As you can see I'm not a Giants's fan, but marriage can have some differences. And I'll just delete him, if he doesn't stay a romantic character.


Winter Mom and Baby Deer

It's Winter and my mother and baby deer are getting really big.

Here they are visiting during our first real snow storm saying hello.

I really wanted to bring them in by the fire to get warm, but had second thoughts about it. LOL

The World Is Still

The world is silent for the moment, bare, abandoned, void of life. Empty chairs wait for humans to resurface from their winter hibernation.

Trout covered by an ice igloo, are temporarily reprieved from a fishing line with the silver lure.

Still there is beauty visible in this frozen photograph, if you take the time to see it.

Tree's 2007 Spring Burst

Two years ago we had a severe ice storm destroy many of our trees.

Still they hold on each Spring as the leaves burst forth.

The toothpick trees bare of full branches continue to show life.

Renewal will take years to restore the full foilage.


Bibbon performing his song and dance act.

His Majesty, "The Camel."

Introducing, "Mr. Blue and Brown Eyed White Fox."

Santa's Reindeer taking a summer vacation break.

"You think you're funny looking?!" LOL

"Are you looking at me? Look in the mirror buddy."

"I am the sunbathing King of the jungle!"

"The wisdom of the ages is on my back!"

"Greetings to all my constituents!"

Lehigh Valley Delaware River View

The Delaware River flows and winds it way through N.J., PA., and Delaware.

In PA. the river flows through massive walls of mountains.

I wonder if through the years it carved it's own route with it's massive water force.

The site is breathtaking, and I'm awestruck as we drive along.

Lehigh Mountain Tunnel

As I approach the massive mountain, road signs warn you to turn on your headlights.

At the base of the mountain you enter a tunnel.

As I drive through, images of the huge mountain which is over me frighten me and I start to hyperventilate.

Horrific images of the mountain crashing through the ceiling above my car and crushing me to death flood my brain.

Soon I see a circle of light and I breathe a deep sigh of relief.

I look backwards at the enormous mountain side above the little tunnel opening.

Shuddering, I realize I'll only have to return this way again.

The Whales On The Wall

Alongside the Delaware River you can view lifesize whales swimming in the ocean.

The image is awesome and realistic, drawing your eyes.

I don't know the artist or the name of the building this mural sits on.

I only know it's a pleasant change from viewing boring old buildings.   

Little Toy Town

This image reminds me of a town in the Alps for some reason.

Santa's Northpole Village is another thought.

Or even a minature toy town.

It caught my eye so I snapped it, again unaware of what this building is.

Philly Skyline


Philly Skyline.

The building of a skyscraper is going on.

I just found it amusing to view a skyscraper being built and a billboard showing "Mr. Skyscraper builder," Donald Trump promoting financial seminars.

The contrast between the two, coincidental or not?


Out of the mist comes one lone turkey, scoping out the

land before calling his friends to emerge from the

safety of the woods.

Here they come, marching on their way to visit.