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Romantic Dreamer

Romantic Scenery

This is a breathtaking natural dam near my home. Writing romance you always have to imagine sites, beautiful scenery where romance can occur. I often visit here to relax, and find that here it's so easy to create romance.

I consider this old shed romantic because my imagination goes to characters who worked there side by side their entire life.

I wrote a story about an elderly woman who was convinced to finally leave her old home after her husband passed on.

Sunlite through Summer Trees


"Momma, I'm right here."


I'm fascinated, and spend a good amount of spare time watching deer. So many people up here call them, "Mountain Rats" because they devour everything in site. I think otherwise, because we have invaded their space. I view the mother carefully keeping an eye on her baby as the baby leaps around, running away then returning. These two have visited my home frequently during the summer and I have watched the baby's growth. Soon he or she will be on their own, as the mother goes in search for a male to produce offspring next spring.

My Halloween Men

Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine, because of my wild imagination. It's also interesting to see some adults loosen up to create at this time, especially for the children. These are my men who love the nightlife, and will follow me anywhere, for a price. 

Stormy Changes



I watch as the clouds drift by, darkening the skys, bringing the end of summer and temps of 80 and the start of Fall with brisk temps of 50. Still it all was a natural beauty.

Summer Cloud Changes

Run Turkey's Run

Turkeys in the wild. I can't imagine one of these on the Thanksgiving dinner platter. So run from the hunters. Watch carefully my friends as you search for food. 

My son's Gift To Me

My son knows I enjoy snapping nature photos. I came home one day and he was really excited. He told me to go look at my digital camera. He saw this rainbow and snapped the foto for me. It means alot to me, especially because my son seldom shows outward signs of affection due to his medical disorder, except to Elvis the cat. This photo shows he cares what someone else feels, and it makes me feel so happy. As a mother you appreciate these rare moments. 

Heaven's Doorway

I view the sky and it's constant transformation. Each moment in time, a different spectacular view, never to be seen again. A canvas with swirling paint brush strokes. The doorway to heaven. If I could paint and create I would, but I still can only draw primitive stick figures. So I snap my camera, and attempt to express in words what I experience when I view my creator's imagery.

The Color of Change

During Fall, the trees dress in a rainbow of golden-red colors, adjusting to their coming change, shedding their leaves to face another Winter, knowing in Spring new leaves will burst forth. As we grow we change; adjusting to new lifestyles, new friends, new careers or retirement, good health or illnesses. We bend and adapt, and hope for fresh starts on our paths through life.

My New Pets


Another photo of my "pet deer." Their coats are adjusting to the cooler weather as they visit me. As I observe my friends, I notice that each one has their own individual personality. I know you're thinking, "You really need to get out more!" LOL

Finally A Young Buck

After two years of living up here, I finally captured a buck photo. He was in the midst of chasing a female when I happened to look out the window while I was writing. I raced to the deck with my digital camera, and as if he realized, he paused for a moment to pose before leaping away in his chase to seduce the elusive doe. Mother Nature only knows what happened next. Ah romance!  

Elvis My Hired Assistant

Elvis insists he helps me with writing, whether I ask or not. He prefers that I don't use the printer when he's creating.

A Comfortable Night's Sleep

Since I'm a chronic insomnia, Elvis figures why should my bed space be wasted. He shares the bed with my husband.

Easter Photo

I had my daughter snap some updated photos of me.

I enjoy being the photographer but not the photographed.

This is sort of a smile, and I sort of like it.

Easter Posing

And here's another photo of me snapped by my daughter.

Not too shabby a job, though I don't understand how anyone holds a pose because I sure can't hold still.

Turn your head this way, put your foot in front, chin down, look to the right. Ahh! 

My daughter Lalena, posing with her Easter basket. She's such a pretty girl, but I'm kind of impartial.

She's smart, creative, talented, a dancer, a dedicated career woman, loves to vamp, and inherited the gene for creative writing.

She's my proofreader at times when I can catch her online.

Oops, she's an impossible romantic like I am. Poor girl. 

My Son, Wild and Crazy Guy

Kyle, my son with a rare smile. He has an unique sense of dry humor, quick and perceptive.

That Aspie mind of his can really have you going and going.

He wanted an Easter Basket, but somehow I can't make him believe the bunny is real.

When he was little I used to make bunny paw prints with dirt, leading from the front door to the dining room

where their baskets were, and then I'd complain he had nerve to bring dirt in my house.

The kids really believed up to, er, yesterday. LOL

A Man and His Dog

Ian, my multifaceted, talented son, with Jimi. 

He visits with his laundry even though he lives on his own.

He's musically gifted, deeply caring being a paramedic, but has a quiet quality about him.

Our conversations usually end up being a question and answer period, until he asks, "Are you done yet?"

He should know by now his mother has endless questions.  

New Hairstyle Self Portrait

New hairstyle for my --birthday. I feel freer and it's much easier to manage.


The "Good Year Blimp" was hovering above my home.

It's here to shoot overhead photos for Nascar week-end.

The huge helium balloon reminds me of a ship from another planet.

Humming, vibrating, as it moves effortlessly through the clear blue sky.