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Holiday Flashback Of Motherhood

Posted by Romantichouse on December 14, 2016 at 6:55 PM

It's that time again to drag out the Christmas boxes from attics, basements and closets to decorate your home. This year is the first year I find myself in a blase mood about the entire job. It's been growing every year but this year it's hitting me harder. My kids are grown adults, crossed that border where they've left their childhood joy behind. My husband thinks it's all just a pain in the ass, no joy in his eyes about the commercial holiday and so I have no one to share my once romantic thrill of the holiday.

But wait, I have a young year and a half grandson, I can enjoy the holiday through his eyes, Get my excitement by watching him stare at Santa not sure if he should cry or giggle, observe as he tries to touch each Christmas tree bulb and the various musical decor on the tables, holdi my breath as he runs down the hallway with the precious glass bulb I've had for years that was passed up through the family generations. Laugh as he prefers to drag wrapping paper around the house with joy in his eyes, leaving the fancy toy behind in it's box. Admire him in his little prince Christmas outfit, cute as a button. But still I have to share the joy with his parents and other grandparents.

The days of staying up late Christmas Eve frantically putting together toys with pages and pages of instructions are over, I can sleep in now. The house is quieter as the kids are scattered doing their own busy Christmas lives. Cookie making and ginger bread houses consists of ordering from the bakery now. Even shopping is easier, just by going online, no need to face the hoardes of shoppers and ringing Salvation army bells any longer.

The days of hectic Christmas activity I once complained about, I find myself sorely missing now. Who knew the time would fly by so fast without realizing, even when the days seemed like they'd never end at the time. Who'd know those moments were enjoyable, memories you'd fondly recall. Why didn't I live in the individual moments longer with my harried family life?

Life plays tricks on us, the romance of life gets muddied up. You have to grasp for the joy, the childhood wonder as you grow older. I hope you find the joy in your holidays, feel the love, enjoy the wondrous moments. Time is fleeting. Merry Magical Christmas to you all and a blessed and peaceful Happy 2017!

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