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Summer Love

Posted by Romantichouse on July 22, 2016 at 8:15 PM

Summer Love, For the past months I have been loving the new young man in my life, my grandson. He has renewed my interest and my excitement for life. Through his eyes as he explores the world I also view everything new and fresh. The wide beaming smiles of his innocent love washes away the grimy details of life. As my daughter-in-law says, "You're obsessed with him," and she's right. I can gaze at him 24/7 and never get bored watching him drool, binky chew, one arm and leg army crawl, poopy diapers, giggle, sloppy eating, etc. My heart is overwhelmed with the love I feel for him.

He has also helped my writing, as I feel refreshed, enjoying the words I put down on paper, having renewed thoughts flow through me. He is my summer love. I prefer writing romance but my romantic streams have been tarnished from seeing the harsh realities of some relationships, the disrespect, abusive behaviors, violence and pure disdain towards each other, especially with men towards women around the world. Because I believe in romance my heart aches over how men and women treat each other. I pray my grandson is raised with respect for himself and for women. He adores his mother, and his grandmother's show him nothing but love, so hopefully he's on the right road.

The world's a difficult place to live in today with our nasty political race, terrorism, racism, poverty, violence, to name a few. We need a little summer love, maybe a lot of summer love towards each other. If we could only be renewed with the fresh innocent love of a baby, maybe we could clean up this world. I may be naive but try a little summer love.

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