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Posted by Romantichouse on April 22, 2014 at 11:55 AM

Fourteen years ago today I made the decision to marry for the second time, stepping along the road of marriage once again. Definitely a difficult decision but my dreams of true romance were still swirling around in my head. My groom and I were surrounded by family and friends as we recited our personal romantic vows. I believed we'd have an happily ever after life with only fair blue skies ahead. As a maturer bride I still believed it was possible for that glow of romance to linger on after the honeymoon period. Rather too quickly I realized the marriage road will always have some bumps and potholes on a smooth pavement. When you put two people together, differences do occur and you both can't be right all the time. And yes, dirty laundry does land on the floor next to the hamper, and dishes do lie unwashed in the sink, and snoring is in the bedroom, even if you happen to be a princess and prince. Men and women aren't the perfect romantic characters I create in my romantic stories. You have to mold and bend around each other, accept certain things and disagree when you have a strong conviction, and always try to find a compromise. Through it all the most important ingredients for a strong marriage is that you love and respect each other as you continue walking side by side down the road of marriage, supporting each other over the bumps and potholes. I'm celebrating fourteen years on the road of marriage and stepping forward one foot at a time.

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