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Posted by Romantichouse on June 11, 2014 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Oh the freedoms we have living in the good old USA. We have the freedom to love whomever we please. Still by reading newspapers and the internet, viewing the television news, keeping up with current events, you'll view a harsh reality that true acts of love are diminished and sadly misunderstood. Freedom to love any race, religion, creed or sex, still has harsh critics, ignorant maniacs who elect to show their disdain and prejudicial beliefs. Maybe you don't agree with other's beliefs or rights, but to spout thoughts of love and then spew closeted or frank hatred by not accepting people for who they are, puts a black ugly blot on our country.

Marriage and parenting has fallen far by the wayside.Divorce rates are skyhigh, dysfunctional households everywhere. Children have few role models in their families and look to sports, music and Hollywood stars to fulfill this role. More troubled children, possibly due to the lack of love in a functional family are acting out, even taking their own lives. Some strike out with violence towards others, viewing them as their enemies.

I view the faults of our world, the lack of love, lack of giving and receiving love. If you feel truly loved you can't possibly harm another soul. Love yourself first and condemn acts of hate. There's no harm in asking for help if you feel lost. All we need is love, to heal our families, our country, our world. You can call me romantically naive, but just try smiling at the next person you encounter. Stop looking at your cellphone. Offer a helping hand to someone you see struggling. Start within your own family, increasing acts of love and verbal words of praise and love. One drop of love can multiply and spread. Who doesn;t want love, who doesn't want to heal our world. Life's too short. Love like there's no tomorrow.

This excerpt is dedicated to my dear father-in-law who at 93 years old is facing his last leg of life in a nursing home. "Captain Jack," accepted me into his family with open arms. He raised his daughter and son with love, a true father. He has exhibited unabashed love to anyone who has entered his life. A true gentleman who truly understands all you need is love. Bravo to my dad-in-law on this Father's Day.

Another Year Of Romantic Life Adventures

Posted by Romantichouse on May 19, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It's disturbing that a year has passed by rather quickly, and I'm cringing to know it's my birthday once again. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be alive but this past year of attempting to keep looking at life romantically has been a challenging one. Outside influences seem to want to knock my spirited soul down, qwell my imagination, blur my joy, but I've fought them. Today I can say I truly maintain that romantic soul. It may not be  blazing but my fire hasn't been put out. This next year I'm going to feed that fire, stick to who I am and follow my desires, my beliefs, my dreams. View life through my eyes and ignore the outside people and influences who want to hold me back or knock me down. I'm a romantic and my dreams to create, to vision, are still alive. My soul feels, even if my body defys itself physically at times. Photography is one of my loves and yesterday my photo image of a bear was published in my local paper. The joy I experienced when I saw him was a July 4th explosion. My love of nature at it's best. I share this photo as my goody bag gift to my faithful readers and friends who still believe in me. Another year older physically but my childhood joy of life is still there. My romantic life adventure continues. Please get on board and follow yours. Life isn't promised more than a second.


Posted by Romantichouse on April 22, 2014 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Fourteen years ago today I made the decision to marry for the second time, stepping along the road of marriage once again. Definitely a difficult decision but my dreams of true romance were still swirling around in my head. My groom and I were surrounded by family and friends as we recited our personal romantic vows. I believed we'd have an happily ever after life with only fair blue skies ahead. As a maturer bride I still believed it was possible for that glow of romance to linger on after the honeymoon period. Rather too quickly I realized the marriage road will always have some bumps and potholes on a smooth pavement. When you put two people together, differences do occur and you both can't be right all the time. And yes, dirty laundry does land on the floor next to the hamper, and dishes do lie unwashed in the sink, and snoring is in the bedroom, even if you happen to be a princess and prince. Men and women aren't the perfect romantic characters I create in my romantic stories. You have to mold and bend around each other, accept certain things and disagree when you have a strong conviction, and always try to find a compromise. Through it all the most important ingredients for a strong marriage is that you love and respect each other as you continue walking side by side down the road of marriage, supporting each other over the bumps and potholes. I'm celebrating fourteen years on the road of marriage and stepping forward one foot at a time.


Posted by Romantichouse on March 31, 2014 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Ladies I'm here to tell you there are no perfect men out there in the mad dating world. I can create a fiction one, the most romantic gentleman, but in my literary romance I usually don't write about day to day living with a man.

My, Mr. Frankenstein, would be capable (without being nagged) of taking out the garbage without being asked, pick up his clothes from the floor, be willing to go grocery shopping, clean the hair and toothpaste scum out of the sink, push a vacum cleaner, make a bed, cook, clean the toilet and put the seat down, turn off the tv sports, keep a job, tell the truth, stay off the cell phone with his cronies, landscape the lawn and upkeep the house, non drinker and smoker, enjoy visiting museums and the theater, dance like Fred Astaire, be romantic, be creative, respect women and his mother, be thrilled to sit down and have long discussions, never raise his voice in anger, and definitely no snoring after a night of lovemaking.

As you can tell by the above criteria ladies, he's only a fiction character. I'd have to mold together a butler, a cook, a landscaper, an entertainer, a conversationalist, among others, to form a perfect Frankenstein man. And that's not happening.

So to find your perfect man in your life, that is if you want one, you have to first make sure he respects you a hundred percent, is trustworthy, shares his emotions, and let's you know by thought, word and deed, that he truly loves you.

Someone asked online today, "I think I love him, what do I do?" First you shouldn't think, you should know you love him. And second you should make sure the man respects you above all else, and is willing to support you and your dreams in life. Otherwise kick him to the curb and wait for the next Mr. Frankenstein. And of course, love yourself and expect respect from anyone who says he loves you.


Posted by Romantichouse on November 24, 2013 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

It's the season of change with the holidays approaching, time when people once again reflect on life, love, and change. Wouldn't it be easier if you could select a big old pumpkin at a farm with all your life decisions ingrained in the pulp? Place one by your bed, go to sleep and presto. When you wake up you'll have preplanted steady characteristics and lead a life you've selected. Nothing will change it.The sci-fi pumpkin pod selection. I'd choose a life with qualities of love and romance, creativity, laughter, childlike bliss, and plenty of happiness, and no sad or painful moments. But without challenges they say you can't appreciate true joy in life. Life unfortunately has good swings and bad hits. The way you react and respond to your life situations affects the way you'll grow as an individual. I know I'd like to erase many moments from my life, but would it change the individual I've become? Of course I'd select a perfectly youthful pumpkin so my figure would stay forever youthful. Who needs battle wrinkles and scars? LOL

Anyway as you start sharing the season of holiday joy, I hope each and everyone of you experience the true meaning of love, whether with a partner, or with each other. Share your gifts of generosity to others less fortunate, and feel even greater joy. And always remember to keep romance in your life. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hannukah, and the happiest of Christmas to all of you.


Posted by Romantichouse on August 21, 2013 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Love Continues On. I watched my middle son marry his love of his life as if I was floating in a romantic dream. Unbelievable, but totally thrilled that I was living the reality of a dream. Watching my son as he stood there, a man, reciting his vows to his beautiful bride, I thought to myself, a job well done. Somehow raising my son with all the mishaps of parenthood, I  managed to pass on my beliefs that love is something beautiful, a blessed gift to share in life. The day was beyond spectacular for love to continue on in another generation. As a mother my heart was overflooding with love. Could time really have gifted me with this image of love? And to realize my son has developed romantic beliefs that I write about in romance stories, was more precious than any best seller I could achieve in my life. Love Continues On, a great title for a romantic story, and I was blessed to view it on my son's wedding day.

The link above is to a song called, "Color My World" by Chicago. May my son and daughter-in-law be blessed with nothing but colors of love each and every year.


Posted by Romantichouse on February 27, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Woah, I didn't do a blog on Valentine's Day this year, I'm bad, but that's alright, because love is to be shared during the entire year. I'm a hopeless romantic, stories of love run through my creative mind, Disney love tales I truly adore, and I have experienced love in my life.

You have to tell me you love me and more than that you have to show me you love me. The phrase, "I Love You," isn't enough at times when you hear other words spew hate and venom, and strings of lies. I myself need to feel your love, view actions of love towards me. I've had people in my life confess they love me, and I've also been hurt by these same people. If you betray or break trust, bond of love, it can rarely be repaired. I tend to remember words that hurt like raw strap marks on my back. Having been abused in my life, I've felt plenty of physical pain but most of all I vividly recall abusive verbal dialect, that play like a movie in my mind. Many don't understand the power their hurtful words affect others and brush them off. An abuser never wants to hear or recall their sorrowful venomous words, or take responsibilty for them. If so they'll probably realize their soul is flawed and the true meaning of love has passed them by.

So gifts of cards, flowers, candy, and jewelry, mean nothing in a romantic relationship if the heart doesn't reveal the true nature of love. I may live in a romantic bubble in my head, but without love how can you experience joy? Without having someone who loves you to share your accomplishments, dreams and problems, how rich is your life? Romantic love or love from good friends and family in this world isn't just a Disney dream. I hope you truly give love and experience love, and only accept people who offer you true love the entire year round.


Posted by Romantichouse on January 21, 2013 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I received the surprise of my life when my nephews, son's of my, "angel older sister," visited after ten years. Life sent our paths in different directions as they followed their personal choices, some good and some bad, but in the end all that matters is family love, a precious gift money can't buy. Being together yesterday was like Christmas, New Years Eve, and having a wonderful birthday. I thank my daughter and my grand niece's mother for getting them all here to share a special day. I know my mother and their mother are laughing and dancing in heaven, smiling down on their family being together surrounded by love. God's greatest gift.


Posted by Romantichouse on December 19, 2012 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

It's that time of year again, time to celebrate the romance of the holidays. Seems like I was just packing away the boxes a day or so again, alright, maybe a month ago, and had to climb in the attic to put the decor back up again. Well I direct my family members to do the climbing, I just direct the placement of the Christmas decor. I sit here and look at my twinkling tree, and my heart is so heavy. Recent news about a new set of twenty little angels soaring to heaven before their time ripped many people of the Christmas spirit. The survivor's, the victim's family members, and the world and their empathy, struggle to understand how in a wonderful season of love, something so horrific can occur. Writer's struggle to put down on paper the words to explain the emotional havoc the world's experiencing and the words seem so shallow, so inept. This Christmas season we dig deeper to fully understand the meaning of love, and struggle to find out if healing and forgiveness will ever occur. Parent's as they take their wide-eyed kids to see the jolly old man, hold their kids closer to their hearts. In church we pray asking for answers to why angels had to be taken away so cruelly. This Christmas we hold the people of Newton, CT. close to our hearts, praying the true meaning of Christmas can heal them and heal all of us. I pray this can be true. Love your family and your children this Christmas and have a blessed, safe 2013. May love envelope you and yours. Thank you all for your continued support of my creative endeavors this past year.


Posted by Romantichouse on June 28, 2012 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

This is my longed for lamborghini, my dream car, except I'd like it in red, or as the owner of this spectacular car told me, "Beggars can't be choosy." Oh how I've begged, dreamed, and prayed to be able to have this car in my life. A vampire character in one of my stories drives a black one. Something about this car completes my dream life and it really has nothing to do about being rich, though financial comfort is needed in order to afford this car. Financial comfort would be nice at this time, not having to live from week to week. 

A lamborghini's been part of my life fantasy since my youth, hoping to one day be successful enough to achieve all my dreams; dance and sing on Broadway, write a best seller novel, share my knowledge regarding relationships, make a better world, etc. I've fulfilled other dreams, raised beautiful responsible children, experienced love, and also cared to assist people in my other professional nursing career. Still I failed to achieve my Broadway dream because of a twist in my life story, diagnosed with an arthritic condition at a young age. I battle today to live life the best way I can. This physical condition and it's side effects have caused depression, given me writing block, hence no great novel's published yet, though I've had moderate successes in my published short story writing.

I continue to hold onto the image of owning a red lamborghini because I can't give up on dreaming, or give up on living life even with obstacles tossed in my path. I pray I still have days left on earth to continue to strive and focus on living and dreaming even more dreams. Oh and I have to figure out a way to climb out of this low car in a ladylike manner once I manage to get this crooked body in it. LOL


Posted by Romantichouse on May 24, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Elvis my chubby angel, I've written about you so many times. You're a famous cat. More than that you made yourself my friend, my four legged soulmate, knowing that I didn't really care for cats. Somehow you opened my heart to love you. Yesterday on Wednesday May 23rd, 2012, you passed away in my arms. I hated to see you suffer, but hated to see you leave. I know you're in a better place, as they've said, but I miss you terribly. As I sit here in my chair at night I look to my left and you're not there. Who will I talk to, who will look at me and listen, so enraptured with my words, silly or not? Who will sit on my feet, lie on my newspapers, tap on the keyboard with their paws? Who will make me get up to give them fresh water with ice, or kitten nibbles? Who will meow at the door in winter to ask for a clump of snow? Who will make me sleep in a tight ball or cling to the edge of the bed so you can be comfortable, all 23 pounds of you stretched out in my king size bed? Who will follow me around, lie by my side when I'm ill, as my faithful body guard? Elvis you taught me that love can come in a small package and can be given freely, unasked. You taught my autistic son how to love too. He misses you so. You came into my life as a small ball of fur who slept on my head as I laid there frozen, afraid to move. You were the King of my home. I can't believe I had to say goodbye to you. Eleven years seems so short a time to get to know each other. Farewell my Elvis, sleep tight in a king sized cloud with a large bag of kitty nibble. RIP! I will forever miss you my faithful and dedicated pet. I only hope you felt my love as much as I felt yours.


Posted by Romantichouse on March 24, 2012 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Wow, is it really 34 years since I gave birth to my first child, my daughter? I can't fully recall those beginning moments of her life, all fuzzy in the hazy cloud of my long ago memories. I do remember the incredible joy I experienced though. As I look back at those early photos in my photo album, not a digital album, but actual photographs in an album, I'm thrilled to be able to jog my memory as I see my daughter growing from an adorable newborn to a beautiful young woman. Today she celebrates her birthday away from me as she has so many recent years. She's across the ocean living her dream career, following the independence trait I attempted to instill in her. Who am I kidding, she came out of the womb independent, steering her own way down the life road. Thankfully she's a lover of life. I'm so proud to say she's my daughter. Today my hopes for her are to continue living life with zest and happiness and hopefully surrounded by people who'll treasure her gifts as much as I treasure her today and when she was born 34 years ago. Happy Birthday daughter dear, live happily for many, many, many more years! My heart's bursting with love for you.


Posted by Romantichouse on December 21, 2011 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Readers, Friends, Fans,

Hello! It's that time of year when people in the streets meet your eyes and offer you a cheery hello and a warm smile. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! Families and couples stroll the streets beaming love as they carry their bags of gifts, scurrying off to trim their tree. Families gather together to share a meal as they light the menorah or watch who stands under the mistletoe. Your heart's swell with a sense of love and joy! Feel good movies air and joyful carols play, filling our homes and retail centers. People reach in their pockets to give, wanting needy families to feel a sense of joy. Happy New Year! 2012, a fresh start for all of us.

I just pray that in 2012, somehow this sense of joy and giving can continue on. There will be needy people needing assitance after Christmas. There will be hungry children who'll need food and clothing after Christmas. Orphan children who are aching to be loved, to be adopted in good homes, children who live right here in the good old USA.

So as you enjoy your holidays, share your smiles with strangers, have your romantic evenings, just remember to try and carry that sense of joy, love and giving into 2012 everyday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year!

With much love and hopeful peace,



Posted by Romantichouse on July 26, 2011 at 9:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Look at me closely, do you notice anything different about me, strange from other people you notice in the street? My smile, my dress, my hair? Look closely now. If you don't notice I won't tell you right now. Anyway life has elected to give me opportunities to crash and burn or shine my life force and I've chosen the later way to live. Please read my story (link below) and you'll understand why I've chosen to shine. After you read my story, look at my photo again. Let me know what you see. Live life shining!

July 4th Romance Time

Posted by Romantichouse on June 29, 2011 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

This is the week-end for getting together at beaches, backyard barbecues, firework shows, and parades. Celebrate the romance of July 4th. Celebrate the romance of living freely in America. I remember one romantic time when I was at a beach gazing at a spectacular firework show, singing my heart out to a patriotic song. I remember a romantic time watching one of the oldest July 4th parades in the United States in Rhode Island. Watching in awe at people dressed in red, white and blue, waving flags as they cheered at the parade as it went by. The romantic thrill of love for my country and my fellow citizens ovewhelmed me. Romance is that feeling of intense love between two people but that feeling can also occur in other situations. This July 4th be grateful for living in the greatest free country, and be thankful for all the heroes who gave their own, allowing us the freedom to celebrate. Now click on the link below to watch a beautiful patriotic song video, stand up and share the romance of July 4th. Happy Birthday America!