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2021 Will Life Begin Again

Posted by Romantichouse on January 8, 2021 at 11:25 PM
2021 is here, fresh start. If you're aware of life, you know that this year has started with craziness. This political insanity, covid surges, people acting like animals. Such visible hate for each others differences keeps flaring up. Where is the love? My empathy pathways are so overloaded, feeling the pain of whats going on in our world. We have regressed instead of trying to heal our world. I've lost good long time friendships due to political differences and it hurts. Why can't we have calm conversations about life without it becoming nasty? They say friends shouldn't discuss politics, religion or money and it's sad but true. And personally it's difficult to create romance when life is a heavy burden. And Covid has isolated us so much. I miss my family and friends but due to my own health issues I feel permanently quarantined in my home. And mask rash is real when you wear them all the time. And I think I've seen every Netflex movie and series. My husband and I have given up any arguing cause we're trapped together in the house, neither can run out the door, so we're definitely getting along much better. LOL. So 2021 was a goodbye to horrific 2020, but the saga continues. Stephen King, I'd like to see the novel you craft regarding these times. I feel like I'm living in Twilight Zone. I grab on the small stories buried in the papers about decent kind humans helping out another human for sanity. So Happy blessed 2021. May you find sanity, love, health, and some wealthto keep you floating off of food lines, and a romantic heart to help others as we begin our journey.

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