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Long Time No Write, Pandemic Blues

Posted by Romantichouse on December 5, 2020 at 9:25 PM
Hello World. I have been lost in a pandemic fog, even longer than that, due to longtime illness living with RA. The mind has been fogged out with words slipping away from me. My imagination is still there but the visions are frightful. Putting pen to paper has been difficult when I can't even remember my kids names. And romance is an escape but blurred in my world right now. LOL I'm sure you're all experiencing what life is like in our new, "Stephen King," world. I'm sure all horror and sci-fi writers are going crazy trying to put down in words the life we are living now. Now it's holiday time. Creative Halloween has passed and I did get to experience the creative magic and joy through my 5 year old grandson's eyes social distancing with masks outdoors. Added a creepy element to costumes. And Thanksgiving was quiet, no friends or large family pig outs, but I did give thanks my family was healthy. Christmas is here and the decor is up and will try to find joy with the true meaning of Christmas, and Hallmark movies and childish glee. I apologize for all the spam placed on my website while I was away. Will try to be more active and creative while fighting the alien spores attacking our world. Wear masks, don't breathe deep and we will be stronger when this is over. Stay safe my friends. A blessed and more safer and happier 2021 to all and to all a good night! And of course may love circle you all.

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