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Spring Is Finally Here

Posted by Romantichouse on March 20, 2017 at 4:50 PM

Made it through the winter. Have 30 inches of snow on my back deck, and a  2 foot glacier crust on my lawn but it's the first day of Spring and I look forward to a sense of renewal. And view gorgeous blossoming trees and flowers. Winter duldrums go away please. Hopefully my head will clear the cobwebs away and allow me to concentrate on serious writing. Being creative I have a questioning mind and also a worrying mind, wishing I could fix this crazy world we live in. I wish I could always steer my kids in the right direction, though they're adults now and on their own independent roads. They're doing a pretty good job without my input anyway.

Romance seems to be more like sci-fi, when I'm affected by so many shocking true stories of bad relationships and abused women with cheating and lies becoming a daily accepted practice. "All men cheat and there are women they're cheating with." No sex is innocent. The world still treats women like second class citizens or property in some cultures. Is this really modern day romance? When I watch Hallmark movies and dream of perfect romantic men, am I just allowing myself to bury my head in the clouds. I love love stories, hoping to be able to count on more than one hand relationships that are pure romance. "Relationships are work, I hear from many women I talk to. Work to me, is what you do to pay bills, buy material things, and relationships, love, should be a joyful thing. At my age I still crave romance, and love to see it. Brush off my winter coat and write light tales of joy. I pray I'm not the only crazy woman, or hopefully man who believe the same way I do. Feel free to offer your opinion.

Spring is finally here. With all the craziness in our world can love exist? Can we blossom and build strength on great relationships, show our sons and daughters what great relationships are, so they can experience or seek the same. Maybe we should all start watching Hallmark type movies, or will that throw our society backwards? I just want to see love flourish in our world and if being a romantic is crazy, then sign me up. LOL

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