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My World Is Opening

Posted by Romantichouse on May 22, 2021 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)
After a year of isolation life is starting again. Vaccinated against this covid virus, able to go out and see people. The sweet romance of life can begin again. Isolation suffocated my creative energy, and increased my brain fog. Every day felt like groundhog day, some days I didn't even want to climb out of bed. And the worst was not seeing my grandson after seeing him every other week for 5 years. My joy was crushed. You would think having all this forced time at home I would have plenty of time to write. The truth is I couldn't focus, just stared at the blank page. Couldn't grasp words, they just faded from my brain. So worried I was starting early signs of dementia. And the RA I lived with for 43 years decided to explode in angry flareups, causing damage to my feet and knees. My world was closing. My birthday was yesterday, another year into being a senior citizen. Great for discounts, but why does the image I see in the mirror make a lie out of the 32 years I dream of in my brain once again. How could that number double in a flash? How did life flash by? Was I too busy to realize what was happening? I believe with all the dreaded signs of age that I still want to be the romantic creator I was. With all the conflicts uprising in the world I still want to believe in love, romantic love, and possibility or world love. As I age it still seems out of my reach. The world is opening up, masks no longer have to shield our faces. Our eyes were emoting for over a year, "smizing" at some people, frowning at others. Every day I have to adjust to the new changes that feel strange and awkward. Am I safe? Do the scientists really know what they're doing with this alien virus that varients so quickly? Today welcome to romantic overtures again. Dating again. Hugging again. Socializing again. Becoming human again. Take it a day at a time, relax but keep one eye always alert. And pray the world can stay open my friends.

2021 Will Life Begin Again

Posted by Romantichouse on January 8, 2021 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)
2021 is here, fresh start. If you're aware of life, you know that this year has started with craziness. This political insanity, covid surges, people acting like animals. Such visible hate for each others differences keeps flaring up. Where is the love? My empathy pathways are so overloaded, feeling the pain of whats going on in our world. We have regressed instead of trying to heal our world. I've lost good long time friendships due to political differences and it hurts. Why can't we have calm conversations about life without it becoming nasty? They say friends shouldn't discuss politics, religion or money and it's sad but true. And personally it's difficult to create romance when life is a heavy burden. And Covid has isolated us so much. I miss my family and friends but due to my own health issues I feel permanently quarantined in my home. And mask rash is real when you wear them all the time. And I think I've seen every Netflex movie and series. My husband and I have given up any arguing cause we're trapped together in the house, neither can run out the door, so we're definitely getting along much better. LOL. So 2021 was a goodbye to horrific 2020, but the saga continues. Stephen King, I'd like to see the novel you craft regarding these times. I feel like I'm living in Twilight Zone. I grab on the small stories buried in the papers about decent kind humans helping out another human for sanity. So Happy blessed 2021. May you find sanity, love, health, and some wealthto keep you floating off of food lines, and a romantic heart to help others as we begin our journey.

Long Time No Write, Pandemic Blues

Posted by Romantichouse on December 5, 2020 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (2)
Hello World. I have been lost in a pandemic fog, even longer than that, due to longtime illness living with RA. The mind has been fogged out with words slipping away from me. My imagination is still there but the visions are frightful. Putting pen to paper has been difficult when I can't even remember my kids names. And romance is an escape but blurred in my world right now. LOL I'm sure you're all experiencing what life is like in our new, "Stephen King," world. I'm sure all horror and sci-fi writers are going crazy trying to put down in words the life we are living now. Now it's holiday time. Creative Halloween has passed and I did get to experience the creative magic and joy through my 5 year old grandson's eyes social distancing with masks outdoors. Added a creepy element to costumes. And Thanksgiving was quiet, no friends or large family pig outs, but I did give thanks my family was healthy. Christmas is here and the decor is up and will try to find joy with the true meaning of Christmas, and Hallmark movies and childish glee. I apologize for all the spam placed on my website while I was away. Will try to be more active and creative while fighting the alien spores attacking our world. Wear masks, don't breathe deep and we will be stronger when this is over. Stay safe my friends. A blessed and more safer and happier 2021 to all and to all a good night! And of course may love circle you all.

Spring Is Finally Here

Posted by Romantichouse on March 20, 2017 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Made it through the winter. Have 30 inches of snow on my back deck, and a  2 foot glacier crust on my lawn but it's the first day of Spring and I look forward to a sense of renewal. And view gorgeous blossoming trees and flowers. Winter duldrums go away please. Hopefully my head will clear the cobwebs away and allow me to concentrate on serious writing. Being creative I have a questioning mind and also a worrying mind, wishing I could fix this crazy world we live in. I wish I could always steer my kids in the right direction, though they're adults now and on their own independent roads. They're doing a pretty good job without my input anyway.

Romance seems to be more like sci-fi, when I'm affected by so many shocking true stories of bad relationships and abused women with cheating and lies becoming a daily accepted practice. "All men cheat and there are women they're cheating with." No sex is innocent. The world still treats women like second class citizens or property in some cultures. Is this really modern day romance? When I watch Hallmark movies and dream of perfect romantic men, am I just allowing myself to bury my head in the clouds. I love love stories, hoping to be able to count on more than one hand relationships that are pure romance. "Relationships are work, I hear from many women I talk to. Work to me, is what you do to pay bills, buy material things, and relationships, love, should be a joyful thing. At my age I still crave romance, and love to see it. Brush off my winter coat and write light tales of joy. I pray I'm not the only crazy woman, or hopefully man who believe the same way I do. Feel free to offer your opinion.

Spring is finally here. With all the craziness in our world can love exist? Can we blossom and build strength on great relationships, show our sons and daughters what great relationships are, so they can experience or seek the same. Maybe we should all start watching Hallmark type movies, or will that throw our society backwards? I just want to see love flourish in our world and if being a romantic is crazy, then sign me up. LOL

Holiday Flashback Of Motherhood

Posted by Romantichouse on December 14, 2016 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

It's that time again to drag out the Christmas boxes from attics, basements and closets to decorate your home. This year is the first year I find myself in a blase mood about the entire job. It's been growing every year but this year it's hitting me harder. My kids are grown adults, crossed that border where they've left their childhood joy behind. My husband thinks it's all just a pain in the ass, no joy in his eyes about the commercial holiday and so I have no one to share my once romantic thrill of the holiday.

But wait, I have a young year and a half grandson, I can enjoy the holiday through his eyes, Get my excitement by watching him stare at Santa not sure if he should cry or giggle, observe as he tries to touch each Christmas tree bulb and the various musical decor on the tables, holdi my breath as he runs down the hallway with the precious glass bulb I've had for years that was passed up through the family generations. Laugh as he prefers to drag wrapping paper around the house with joy in his eyes, leaving the fancy toy behind in it's box. Admire him in his little prince Christmas outfit, cute as a button. But still I have to share the joy with his parents and other grandparents.

The days of staying up late Christmas Eve frantically putting together toys with pages and pages of instructions are over, I can sleep in now. The house is quieter as the kids are scattered doing their own busy Christmas lives. Cookie making and ginger bread houses consists of ordering from the bakery now. Even shopping is easier, just by going online, no need to face the hoardes of shoppers and ringing Salvation army bells any longer.

The days of hectic Christmas activity I once complained about, I find myself sorely missing now. Who knew the time would fly by so fast without realizing, even when the days seemed like they'd never end at the time. Who'd know those moments were enjoyable, memories you'd fondly recall. Why didn't I live in the individual moments longer with my harried family life?

Life plays tricks on us, the romance of life gets muddied up. You have to grasp for the joy, the childhood wonder as you grow older. I hope you find the joy in your holidays, feel the love, enjoy the wondrous moments. Time is fleeting. Merry Magical Christmas to you all and a blessed and peaceful Happy 2017!


Posted by Romantichouse on October 21, 2016 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Fall changes. Now's the time to get out those Halloween costumes and morph into your weirdest fantasies once again. Be free, use that hidden imagination. Just don't be a clown, they're really grabbing the horror headlines.

Summer's hot and torrid romances are ebbing down like falling leaves as some couples drift apart. Other couples may start burning like ember coals in the fireplace, warming up into serious relationships. Fall somehow changes relationships, as we somehow internalize the animalistic need to hibernate during the long frigid months with a warm mate.

Fall is crisp, exciting, exquisite as the trees put on their best coat of colors before settling in for their long winter nap. Still life is there, keeping them alive until Spring bursts forth.

Our relationships change with the seasons as we age and live with each other. Romance is a flickering flame under the harvest moon, never extinquishes. May be sappy, but we're all looking for a companion. Or do we walk the earth like lonely scarecrows ripped from our corn fields?

Some do believe Fall changes are the best nature has to offer us. Go outside, enjoy the crisp air, kick and fall into a pile of red and gold leaves. Embrace the positive changes life brings you, changes you can't control, like the trees who stand majestic wearing their colorful cloak, before shaking it off to wait and see what Spring will bring.


Summer Love

Posted by Romantichouse on July 22, 2016 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Summer Love, For the past months I have been loving the new young man in my life, my grandson. He has renewed my interest and my excitement for life. Through his eyes as he explores the world I also view everything new and fresh. The wide beaming smiles of his innocent love washes away the grimy details of life. As my daughter-in-law says, "You're obsessed with him," and she's right. I can gaze at him 24/7 and never get bored watching him drool, binky chew, one arm and leg army crawl, poopy diapers, giggle, sloppy eating, etc. My heart is overwhelmed with the love I feel for him.

He has also helped my writing, as I feel refreshed, enjoying the words I put down on paper, having renewed thoughts flow through me. He is my summer love. I prefer writing romance but my romantic streams have been tarnished from seeing the harsh realities of some relationships, the disrespect, abusive behaviors, violence and pure disdain towards each other, especially with men towards women around the world. Because I believe in romance my heart aches over how men and women treat each other. I pray my grandson is raised with respect for himself and for women. He adores his mother, and his grandmother's show him nothing but love, so hopefully he's on the right road.

The world's a difficult place to live in today with our nasty political race, terrorism, racism, poverty, violence, to name a few. We need a little summer love, maybe a lot of summer love towards each other. If we could only be renewed with the fresh innocent love of a baby, maybe we could clean up this world. I may be naive but try a little summer love.

A Grandmama's Love

Posted by Romantichouse on September 29, 2015 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Love has entered my heart once again. I've been blessed with my first grandchild, a grandson, and the joy I feel right now has me soaring to the moon and beyond. Love is what I write about, love is what I feel for my children, but to see my son become a parent has enhanced my definition of love. I don't mind in the least to be called a Grandma, am honored to be one. To know I raised my son, and that he decided to have a child just gifts me with more love, realizing I probably did a great job raising him to adulthood and he decided to continue the circle of love by becoming a father. Now he may have to lock his doors because that's the only way he'll keep me away. Thankfully he doesn't mind his crazy Mama being in his life. So my life glows with love once again since my grandson was born. I'm blessed once again. Welcome my little angel to this crazy world and may you always feel wrapped in love. Grandmama adores you. Guess I'll have to learn how to write children's stories now, Grandmama's own crazy fairytales.

Captain Jack Set Sail To Foreign Seas. RIP

Posted by Romantichouse on June 24, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

"Captain Jack," as he was called, a lover of the seas, a Navy man, a dedicated father, father-in-law and beloved husband and mate, set sail on his final journey May 29th, 2015. He was a rare breed, a great man. I cherished having this man as my father-in-law. As a writer of romance, to me the Captain was a living romantic lead character, not as much being a gushing romantic man, but a man who showed great love and concern towards his wife, and later in life his female mates with his actions. At 93 years old he remained a gentleman, caring more for others than his own self, even as his life was ebbing away. I remember watching him lead his lady gingerly by the arm one time, saying he had to get his lady safely home, while we worried about him driving on the roads late at night. When you asked how he felt, he always steered the conversation back to worrying about you. Captain Jack always showed true respect towards women, had a lady's eye, but was always loyal to the lady he was with. As I said, a definition of a true romantic man. He's earned his rest with calm seas and beautiful forever sunsets. I'll miss his wonderful life stories and delightful pearls of wisdom. I loved this man! Captain Jack RIP! You'll be forever missed, my papa-in-law.

Mama's Birthday Shout Out

Posted by Romantichouse on May 20, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

For some reason I woke up and found out Father Time has played a trick on me. In my head I'm still a youthful sexy being, but this birthday he says I'm sixty. I accept it but I'm going to make this year the best ever and push it to the limit so move over Father Time, my alter ego, Mama Says, is fierce and on fire. Hey Tina Turner was still kicking it in her 70's so I can do it. So friends live your life to it's fullest because you only get one chance to go for the gusto! Now enjoy my video commentary please.


Posted by Romantichouse on February 13, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Here I am again. Surprise!. Due to unfortunate physical ailments which I had no control over, I haven't updated my blog in months. Today of course I have to write and share my thoughts on Valentines' Day once again. A romantic myself, I believe Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated on just one day. Celebrate love every single day of your life. Don't let the one you love fall asleep without feeling secure about your love in their soul. As they say you shouldn't go to bed angry because love gets chipped away when anger and rage are allowed to simmer in your dreams.

Love yourself too, because the greatest gifts of life can't be showered on you until you're open to them. Words I try to remember every day even through the rough times.

On this token day of romance renew your love, and look at new ways to enhance and embrace it. All the material things in the world mean nothing if you don't have true love.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family and fans. Thanks for loving. Now go out and romance your loved ones once again! Forever beautiful romantic sunsets hoped for you too.


Posted by Romantichouse on October 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Time again to reach into your depths of imagination and release your inhibitions for one of my favorite holidays of the year. Halloween! Frightful delight. Scare your loved one to tears. Explore the deepest fears you know of and exploit them. Well try to do it with love. It may put the thrill back into a humdrum sedentary relationship. Get those juices flowing once again. And you're not too old to indulge in a childhood love of Halloween. Have a party. You may be surprised how many of your friends are eager to release their imagination. Have the theme be romantic horror characters, Dracula is a romantic creature for one. The black widow. Just have fun and enjoy because life is so short. Now don't forget to watch my little Halloween video. Link below. Cackle! Cackle! Cackle!



Posted by Romantichouse on August 28, 2014 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I videoed my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge performed in my own unique way and also donated money. ALS has reported their proceeds from this particular chilling fund raiser has increased way beyond 100% and hopefully they'll find a cure or at the least find better treatments to slow down the path of this dreaded disease. The most important thing to remember with this ALS fund raiser challenge is that hopefully the phenomena of crazy fund raising will grow and be shared with other dreaded body ravaging dieases. Maybe encourage people to dig deep in their pockets and share what they have to assist people to enjoy a better quality of life. 

Personally I'm diagnosed with RA and it's challenged my will to participate in all the physical living I want to do. I know family members and friends who are challenged with MS, Epilepsy and Autism. And cancer has ravaged so many others. Love and the spirit of giving can help fund many foundations who truly are helping people diagnosed with health disorders. And not to shame the filthy rich, but how many fancy cars, label brand clothing, furnished homes, guady artwork or expensive jewelry pieces do you need? I know you probably worked hard for it but you can't take it to your grave. And do you feel the same sense of loving satisfaction gazing at your material wealth as you would if you saw a child stand up out of their wheelchair, and know your dollars helped. Now please enjoy my video and give, give, give, and help your physically less fortunate fellow humans enjoy their life. I'm working on a RA challenge. Love is the answer.


Posted by Romantichouse on August 18, 2014 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Dream big my friends. I dream one day to hit the best seller list with the number one novel that stays on top for at least a year. I dream of owning a lamborghini, not that I can get into it any longer but just to have it as a sense of accomplishing a dream after writing a number one best seller. Of course I dream of being able to feed and house hungry homeless children in America. And dream of being able to make sure my children are set for life when I'm gone. And dream of living the rest of my long healthy life encircled by true love from family and friends.

Life's short and we all hope to live a happy life free of sadness and sorrow, but there's no guarantee on life. Each day as a romantic I appreciate the beauty of the world, seeing life through innocent eyes, feeling empathy for the pain of others in the world.

Dream big, live a romantic life! Reach out to one another. Moment by moment reach for those stars, there's plenty around up there for everyone.

Beautiful Romantic Nirvana

Posted by Romantichouse on July 24, 2014 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Beautiful sunsets with a romantic close friend/lover and James Taylor music. This is my Nirvana. Your Nirvana may be completely different. The idea is that no matter what you dream of, you should have a dream, a fantasy. To be able to live life and have an imagination to expand your life to it's fullest, to reach upwards to the stars.

Romance can span from a, Fifty Shades of Grey experience, to a simple elderly couple sitting on a park bench holding hands. Love, love in life, indulge!

Enjoy your sunrises and sunsets, live your life romantically by viewing the world as something spectacular. Pain and misery can overwhelm us all in daily living. Surround yourself with people who truly live and love. Joy can bring you to your Nirvana!