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Reply JamesAdoke
1:13 AM on August 11, 2017
Penis Enlargement Exercises
Exercises for penis enlargement
The best of penile exercises to follow can be found in John Collins Penis Enlargement Bible. You’ll find advanced techniques that will explode your gains. There are 2 basic penile workouts you can try (though they are significantly less effective). Try Jelquing and Kegels to get some very basic techniques.
But the obvious question for anybody in their mind will be is do penis enlargement exercises work? The crude answer and slightly impulsive too will be yes, they do. All Urologists, as well as sex health experts agree that penis enlargement exercises work. The science of stimulation works in a way that whenever something is stimulated it is bound to grow. All muscle groups grow that way, including the mind, hence the penis too.
The book speaks of various exercises for the penis. Over here a sincere attempt is being made to list a few of them followed by the ones we think are the best. Here they go.
Hot Towel Warm Up:
Post the warm up let??s get you introduced to a few methods:
The jelq method is unarguably one of the best methods for natural penis enlargement. If jelq method is done by a man from his teens to late adulthood, results have shown the penis to grow up to ten inches in length and seven inches in diameter. As startling as that may sound, the information is accurate and has gotten so many men excited about their penis possibilities. The jelq method improves blood circulation and tears down muscle fibres to make it grow back into a stronger form.
After the warm up, clasp the bottom of your penis not fully erected but not in the docile state as well, with your thumb and forefinger. Make on ??O?? shape with the same and cut off the blood supply in your penis shaft. This will just help the blood cells in that area retain the blood. Post this move this ??O?? shape forward on your penis till your reach the tip. You will feel the shaft of your penis getting filled with blood as you move upwards. Once you reach the tip, grip the tip of your penis and immediately place the left hand at the bottom repeating the same process that you did with your right hand. Do this for half an hour each day. Over just a few months of time you will see your penis grown substantially.
The Slow Jelq
The slow jelq is a variation on standard Jelquing. It’s good for girth and blood flow. Instruction in the video below.
Jelquing (the Milking Method):
Another way to Jelq, slightly more advanced. See the instructions in the video below.
Pubococcygeus Flex (AKA Kegels):
The name may sound like the name of a character straight from transformers movie but, Pubococcygeus flex or PC muscle flex as it is popularly known is an effective exercise for Penis Enlargement. PC muscle is a muscle that extends from the pubic bone to the coccyx. This muscle controls the urination and the ejaculation process. This muscle can be located by holding your urine while you are urinating and feeling the muscle between your anus and your testicles to contract. This is the PC muscle.
There are a few variations to the exercise. The first one is to locate the muscle and to expand and contract it several times in a day until the point that you reach the level of doing this around four hundred times in a day. The second variation is by warming up by the use of ten to twelve repetitions of the exercise mentioned before and holding that muscle contracted for twenty-five minutes at a stretch giving it a break for one minute.
These do seem a little difficult, to begin with but with practice, you will perfect the art. These two among many other exercises are the most effective penis enlargement exercises. Grab a copy today and enjoy the transformation in your life. You can get more info on other topics and other forms of PE on my Penis Enlargement Blog .
Even better way to do Kegels
Reply EdwardHow
1:20 PM on June 13, 2017 
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6:05 AM on May 20, 2017 
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Reply MariannaBuh
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Reply AlexaTrepe
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Reply RobertZet
7:30 AM on April 11, 2017 
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Reply Gracejed
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